Win, win, win

Here’s the prize, pretty much life-sized.

As part of my year of giving, I’d like to give back to all the people who support my art, so I’m going to start some low key contests where you can win a little artwork. I wanted to keep it an easily mailed size so anyone, anywhere could win. This contest is running here on the blog and on my fb page as well.

The contest for April is to answer this question:
What’s the first artwork you remember liking?
I’ll post the answers and the winner at the end of the month.

Edit: I’ve already had one email response, if you can’t comment here or on fb, please send me your response at

5 thoughts on “Win, win, win

  1. I always really liked the art prints from the 60s and 70s that my mother had on the walls of our house. The most intriguing one, though, was definitely the grey and black Saito print of a woman with a green gem on her finger–muted tones with a particularly memorable contrasting focus point. It definitely piqued my interest in print making that I have maintained (though not necessarily practiced myself) since then. It was also a neat surprise when I eventually found out that Kiyoshi Saito was a well-known Japanese print artist. Thinking about the picture always reminds me of home.

  2. My first exposure to art was what we had on our walls at home too: typical prints of English country scenes by John Constable, and several different versions of the 18th Century portaits of Pinkie and the Blue Boy. But I never really liked them. The first artwork that captured my imagination was when I discovered the Egyptians in fifth grade. I never thought of Egyptian funerary pieces as art back then, they were artifacts in my mind (art was paintings in frames). But now I'm all grown up and can appreciate the amazing skill that went into creating those pieces, as well as the spiritual element that marks most funerary work. The Egyptian style had a certain smoothness to it that still appeals to me, as well as the glorious colours.

  3. It's funny, but I didn't like a lot of the art we had as I grew up. My mother was a painter and we had all original paintings (hers and many others) but she preferred a palette of browns/oranges/mustard, which I hated. Even then I had strong colour preferences. But Egyptian art, that's a very interesting start to your art!

  4. Both of my grandmothers were amateur artists, painting landscapes & still lifes once they became empty-nesters in the 70s. Their paintings were all over our home growing up. But the painting I first remember loving was one that hung in my grandmother's home, on a skinny wall just inside the front door. It was an architectural study of a historic looking building with green shutters and pink flowers tumbling out of window boxes. She eventually gave it to me for Christmas a few years before she passed away. Still one of my favorite possessions!Then there was the Frieske I fell in love with at a local museum, then once I was older I discovered so much amazing art that now it is impossible to have a favorite!

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